16th century Maharashtra After the downfall of Yadava kingdom in 13th century, Islamic rule started in Maharashtra. This was the end of the spiritual golden era started by Sant Dnyaneshwar. Next 400 years, until Shivaji established Hindavi Swaraj, was most difficult period for Maharashtra. During this turbulent time Eknath brought about an awakening among the masses against […]

13th century, Maharashtra. The teachings of Vedas and Upanishads were in Sanskrit language. It did not reach the common man. At a very young age, (15?, 19?) Dnyaneshwar translated Geeta into Marathi, the language of the common man. The impact of Dnyaneshwar and his siblings on Marathi language and the people of Maharashtra cannot be […]

Chokhamela lived in Mangalvedha, with his wife Soyara and son Karmamela. He belonged to the so called lower-class and lived in a settlement outside the town. His work was to remove animal carcasses from the town. Devotee of Vitthala he visited Pandharpur often. One one such visit, he listened to Sant Naamdev’s kirtan. Chokha was inspired by […]

16th century, Rajasthan. Moghal king Babur ruled Delhi, with an ambition to annex Rajasthan to his kingdom. Small independent kingdoms of Rajasthan fiercely maintained their sovereignty. Marriages were arranged for alliances between Rajput kingdoms. Kings were nearly always at war. If a rajput lost a battle, his proud wife committed Jowhar rather than the Moghals […]

The ancient texts called the region that spanned from Kashmir in North, Gandhar (Kandahar, Afghanistan) in the west, Videha (Nepal) in the east to the Indian Ocean in the south as: Bharat, Bharat Varsha, Jambudweep, or Aaryavarta. Most popularly Bharat. The Persians called the people of Bharat: Sindhu after the mighty river. But they did […]

Indians chose their heroes foolishly. This very fact has affected their perspective on how a citizen, leader, and a nation should be. Sri Rama is our beloved hero. Every year we will celebrate his birthday and day he killed Ravana. We love his every act, even his name! But we are  unable to digest that […]